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Poster: Tanchbattery Date: Mar 1, 2017 7:05pm
Forum: opensource Subject: How to activate your rechargeable battery

Most people said they do not know how to replace an new battery for their laptop. In fact, it is so simple to find the replacement battery online and buy them from online store.After received the battery,do not worry about how to activate the rechargeable battery.
Up to now, most batteries was activate by vendor before sending to consumer.That means you needn't care bout this problem. But you must be noted that the new battery pack is normally shipped in its partially charged condition. Please cycle your battery pack by fully charge and discharge it for 3-5 times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity before use.

At the same time, I also offer you some steps to solve "plugged in , not charging" or " the machine can not detect the battery problem.
1. Verify that the AC adapter brick is receiving power.
1). Shut down the computer and unplug the adapter from the system first and then from the power socket. Wait 5 seconds.
2). Plug the adapter directly into the wall socket, bypassing surge protectors, UPS units, or extension cords. The adapter LED should produce a steady green light.
3). If you do not get a green light, try the adapter in another wall outlet in another room or verify that the first outlet works with a lamp or hairdryer.
4).You can also isolate the power problem to a bad adapter by swapping it out with a second adapter - such as one for use with the port replicator.
5).Please use other good power cord for the adapter

2. If the adapter LED lights, check the computer for bad connections.
1). Examine the system power socket to be sure it does not have any bent, missing, or pushed-in pins.
2). Plug the adapter connector directly into the computer, bypassing surge protectors, extension cords, etc. Be sure that the adapter connector fits tightly into the computer's power socket.

3. If you have access to another computer like yours, try your adapter on it or its adapter on your computer.

OR go to device manager > Battery > Microsoft ACPI-compatible controlmethod battery (or whatever it says in English). Just right clicked that and deactivated it, then shut the computer off, took out the battery and blew some air on it, put it in and turned your pc on. Then turned the Microsoft ACPI-compatible controlmethod battery thingy back on, maybe it can work well .
If you are looking for a replacement battery now and also have some questions need to ask, please visit our website(attached image you will find the url) and send email to us.we can reply you within 24 hours.

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